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Del Professore

Vermouth & Spirits of Italian Heritage

Del Professore is a collection of traditional Vermouth di Torino G.I. and gins crafted in Italy. Inspired by legendary American mixologist Jerry ‘the Professor’ Thomas, it was created by Leonardo Leuci and a group of bartenders to reintroduce the world to the beauty of vermouth and traditional gins. It’s a love-letter to the centuries-old craft of production, with a modern mixologist’s twist.


Using natural ingredients, Del Professore vermouths have a harmonious balance of flavours and unmistakable aromas. They are made with a base of 100% Italian wines, and respects time-honoured recipe styles for a drinking experience that evolves with every sip.

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Del Professore Gin

Carefully crafted in Italy from a secret blend of herbs and spices, Del Professore gin is a nod to the amber-hued homebrews of the Prohibition Era. A combination of distillation and infusion processes give them their unique aromatic and flavour characteristics. While they all share a golden tint, each has a truly distinctive taste.

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Our heritage

Ours is a story of authenticity, relentless pride in our heritage and care for our craft. Del Professore is a product of passion; rooted in Italy’s soil and its soul. By interpreting traditional ingredients in a contemporary way, we’re heralding an exciting new era. The noble art of Italian spirit making is once again centre stage.

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Del Professore Cocktails

Vermouth Cocktails

Traditionally created as an aperitivo, our vermouths’ versatile tasting profile exquisitely adapts to cocktails.

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Gin Cocktails

Inimitable botanical notes in our gin are a great springboard for crafting a variety of characterful cocktails.

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