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Want to know more about vermouth and gin? You’ve come to the right place.

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Most asked questions

What is Del Professore?

Del Professore is a collection of traditional and craft Italian Vermouth di Torino G.I and gins. that embody the creative flair of the trailblazer of cocktail culture, Jerry Thomas, and reintroduce historic production techniques to the modern world of mixology.

What is the history of vermouth?

While the Greeks and Romans often added herbs and spices to wine, the story of vermouth truly began during the 1700s, in Piedmont, Italy, when the craft was refined to create Vermouth di Torino G.I., which we now see at the forefront of cocktail culture. This region is the authentic home of Vermouth and is at the core of production to this day, with its natural resources of artemisia and Italian wines such as Muscat and Barolo. In Torino, Italy, during the 1800s, vermouth was the exclusive aperitivo served at most bars, putting it at the centre of the aperitivo tradition, but also of mixology. There was another surge in popularity of the liquor in the late 1980s in the US when it was rediscovered by many bartenders as an incredibly versatile liquid at the heart of the most-loved cocktails in history, including the Negroni, Manhattan and the Martini cocktail. Today, vermouth continues to be at the heart of mixology and is a source of inspiration for modern day mixologists.

How are Del Professore vermouths produced?

To ensure the exceptional quality of Del Professore vermouths, Leonardo embarked upon a long and intensive journey to find a distillery that was befitting of the artisanal style he intended. After extensive exploration of distilleries in the Piedmont region, he encountered a team of craftsmen that were able to work to the style that he desired. Together with Leonardo’s expertise in mixology and their unprecedented knowledge of the region, the dream of Del Professore became reality. This expert combination resulted in a powerful demonstration of excellence in vermouth production, reviving a traditional production method that had previously disappeared from the spirits industry. Leonardo has a distinct passion for the craftsmanship of vermouth production, with Del Professore abiding by the Disciplinare del Vermouth di Torino G.I.; the rules and regulations required to create an authentic liquid that is true to its provenance. To ensure the highest quality of Italian vermouth, the Disciplinare states that one of the main flavourings must be artemisia from Piedmont, also known as wormwood. It is this dedication to the craft that makes the collection of Del Professore vermouths authentic to the birthplace of the liquor, making it an irreplaceable ingredient in cocktails enjoyed around the world.

Where is Del Professore vermouth produced?

Del Professore is produced in the birthplace of Vermouth, Piedmont, Northern Italy.

What is the inspiration behind the Del Professore gin collection?

As a connoisseur that looked for inspiration in the history of the spirits industry, Del Professore creator, Leonardo Leuci found inspiration in the Prohibition Era, which lead to the creation of the Del Professore gin collection. The 1920s were known as The Prohibition Era in the US; this was a period in which there were laws that banned the sales and transportation of alcohol. Nevertheless, Americans continued their zealous creation of spirits under the radar, which led to a new and unique production method for gin creation known as the ‘bathtub method’. The process involved using a large container to infuse high proof alcohol with botanical and spices, creating a spirit that was unique in its amber colour and in taste. The unique collection of Del Professore gins tell the tale of the era from which they were inspired, a time marked a dramatic change in the way that cocktails and spirits were produced and was a source of inspiration for founder of Del Professore, Leonardo Leuci, who sought to create a collection of gins inspired by the iconic ‘bathtub gins’ of the early 1920s prohibition time.

How are Del Professore gin produced? 

It was Leonardo Leuci’s aim to revive the historical method with a contemporary style, creating spirits that represent a high standard of Italian gin. The juniper distillate base is cold infused with spices and herbs, fresh citrus peel, and other ingredients. After a cold infusion to respect the freshness of the spices, the gin is gently coarse-grained filtered so as not to lose the incredible aromatic charge obtained from natural infusion to create an exquisite taste profile typical of the Prohibition Era, while putting the distinguished flavours of the Italian juniper at the forefront of the palate.

What expressions are included in the Del Professore gin collection?

In 2017 Del Professore gins were released: Gin Monsieur, Gin à la Madame and Gin Crocodile. Each spirit tells the story of different eras of the great Jerry Thomas’ life and has been realised to inspire bartenders and cocktail lovers alike with a complexity present in both flavour and appearance.

Can Del Professore gins be enjoyed neat?

Unlike most others, Del Professore gins have flavour profiles that are complex and premium to such a level that all three expressions can be enjoyed neat, particularly Del Professore Gin Monsieur and Del Professore Gin à la Madame. For the best tasting experience, founder Leonardo recommends chilling the gin before serving in a tasting glass. This would be best served without ice, but experimentation with different citrus zests can enhance the taste even further.

What inspired the design of the bottle?

Each of the Del Professore gin bottles tell the tale of their namesake, depicting the different key moments in Jerry Thomas’ life and sit together proudly as a collection. Del Professore Gin Monsieur also known as the ‘Sporting Gentleman’s Choice’, was the first of the Del Professore gins to be created and is a true homage to Jerry Thomas with the bottle depicting how The Professor may look in today’s time. The second gin in the collection, Del Professore Gin à la Madame, is a tribute to the great love of Jerry Thomas’ life, his wife. Completing the trio of luxury gins, Del Professore Gin Crocodile marks a chapter of The Professor’s adventurous life and travels across the ocean as a musician before returning to his true passion of mixology.

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