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Rooted in Italy’s soil and its soul.

Our Heritage

Home angle_right Our heritage

From the Golden Age to these days

Ours is a story of authenticity, relentless pride in our heritage and care for our craft. Del Professore is a product of passion. It is Italy in a bottle. This collection is a blend of centuries-old Italian production with today’s master mixologists. And a new era has arrived. The noble art of Italian spirit making is once again centre stage.

How we make our vermouths and gins

Secret blends from protected places.

A superior drink summons the flavours of the land on which it’s grown. Piedmont is a fertile region of UNESCO-protected land, boasting unique ingredients for fine wine and food. It is those ingredients, and our meticulous methods, that gift our drinks their distinctive characteristics. Del Professore is truly a product of the place.

Discover our process

Del Professore History

Authenticity is our art.

Created in 2013 by Leonardo Leuci, Del Professore pays tribute to the Father of American Mixology, Jerry ‘The Professor’ Thomas. It’s a mix of local ingredients, inspired by age-old recipes and exclusive expertise.

Discover our history

Our Philosophy

It’s a people thing.

Our intimate knowledge of the region’s terroir , herbs, and spices, combined with the know how passed down from generation to generation, results in a powerful demonstration of excellence in premium vermouth and gin production.

Discover our philosophy


Del Professore Vermouth

Natural Ingredients

Discover our vermouth

Del Professore Gin

A golden hue and a distinctive taste.

Discover our gin
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