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The spirit of herbal traditions.

Gin à La Madame

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Del Professore’s first gin.

What is Gin à La Madame

Gin à La Madame is an unexpected experience. Fresh at first, its floral and herbal aromas make it distinctive since the first taste.

Why choose Gin à La Madame?

A blend including juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, zedoria, and cassia rouse warmth on the palate, with a charmingly resiny, finer finish. Perfect for… A remarkable Gin Mule.

Gin Process

Cold infusion, gentle filtration.

Made from a juniper distillate base, where spices and herbs, fresh citrus peel, and a secret ingredient are cold-infused. Gentle coarse-grained filtration enables us to preserve the freshness of our spices, and their intense aromatic charge.

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Gin cocktails

Improved Pink Gin

Contemporary classic.


Gin Cocktail #30

Short, sweet and direct.


Gin & Tonic

Timeless classic.



Gin Monsieur

Perfect for the true gin connoisseur.

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Old Tom Gin Crocodile

A forthright, and full tasting gin.

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