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Natural ingredients, and meticulous methods.

Vermouth making process

Our production process

Our vermouths follow a painstaking production process to get their unique aroma and flavour profiles. Base winesand botanicals are carefully blended using closely-guarded traditional recipes.

How we make Del Professore vermouth

1 Botanical extracts

  • Everything starts with botanicals.
    Our master blenders prepare each extract from whole botanicals. Then, using select traditional methods, they preserve the signature aromatics. These methods include maceration, cold pressing, distillation, percolation.
  • old fashioned glass

2 Blending

  • Crucial combinations.
    We dose and blend botanical extracts, wine, sugar, caramel and neutral alcohol. Our craftsmen use top secret recipes handed down over generations.
  • old fashioned glass

3 Resting

  • Good things come to those that wait.
    The blends need to rest so the aromas and flavours become the foundation of our final vermouth.
  • old fashioned glass

4 Filtration

  • Finally, filtration.
    Once we’ve achieved the well-balanced flavour we’re known for, we filter for purity. Then we clarify it to create our inimitable clear and stable vermouth.
  • old fashioned glass

5 Bottling

  • old fashioned glass
The beauty of botanicals

Our vermouth ingredients: the botanicals

Specially selected and quality controlled, the right botanicals can offer a distinctive drinking experience. Del Professore uses the best ingredients, while master crafters create the taste sensation we’re famous for.


Vermouth di Torino G.I Rosso

Balanced flavour, unmistakable aroma.

Discover Vermouth Rosso

Vermouth di Torino G.I Classico

Complex bouquet with a delicate finish.

Discover Vermouth Classico
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